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Ellipse Spacepro Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Make a statement in your home this winter with our ellipse sliding wardrobe doors. Orders for our spacepro sliding wardrobes are delivered within 28 days giving you plenty of time to transform your home in time for Christmas.

Our ellipse sliding wardrobe doors are framed perfectly within a beautifully curved aluminium frame. This door style complements any modern room or office giving it that added luxurious feel.

Combine ellipse doors with our modular aura or relax storage systems and you can create versatile storage that not only does the job, but looks great doing it. The beauty of modular storage is you can add / change / move components as frequently as you like. Some people fold all their clothes; some people hang all their clothes – either way our storage solutions allow you ultimate flexibility. You can even have floor to ceiling shoe racks should you wish!

Our ellipse sliding doors are available with a selection of wood effect glass panels which can be combined to make an even bolder statement. The ellipse range is available in fixed size doors which suit a 2260mm height opening. Door widths available include 610mm, 762mm and 914mm. If the constraints of fixed size doors don’t suit your project we can offer made to measure, custom sized doors which are made bespoke to fit your space.

To find out more about our Spacepro Sliding Wardrobe Door range please visit our store in Port Talbot, South Wales or browse our online sliding wardrobe site.


Contour Spacepro Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Contour sliding wardrobes are sleek and stylish and will add something special to your home. With a multitude of designs and colours to choose from you can really make a statement of you own.

Contour doors are available with a selection of wood effect or glass panels. Alternatively you can make a bolder statement by combining contrasting wood effects and glass panels together. Our contour range is available in fixed sizes to suit openings 2260mm high with door widths of 610mm, 762mm and 914mm. If the contraints of fixed sizes don’t suit your project we also offer made to measure, custom sized doors which are made bespoke to fit your space.

The contour range also benefits from some unique frame finishes exclusive to this particular range.

Why not combine with one of our interior storage solutions to give your wardrobe the truly designer feel and look. Store clothes effortlessly with our component based system with a choice of shelves, hanger bars, drawers, shoe racks and more to create a unique interior to suit your needs.

To find out more about our Spacepro Sliding Wardrobe Door range please visit our store in Port Talbot, South Wales or browse our online sliding wardrobe site.

Classic Spacepro Sliding Wardrobes


Classic spacepro sliding wardrobes

Classic spacepro sliding wardrobes are perfect when you need a classic look updated with a contemporary feel. The classic range gives you several options and you can choose from wood effect or silver frames.  With 4 door designs to choose from including single panel, 3 panel wideline, 3 panel fineline and 4 panel the classic range makes a great addition to any room.

The classic range is perfect when you’re working to a budget but need something more exclusive than our cheaper heritage sliding wardrobe doors.

Available with wood effect panels and a range of coloured glass options this versatile design will work across your home. No matter how many clothes you have or how much stuff you need to store combine classic sliding wardrobes with one of our storage solutions to fit it all in effortlessly.

To find out more please visit our store in Port Talbot, South Wales or browse our online sliding wardrobes site.

The spacepro sliding wardrobe range were previously known as Stanley Sliding Wardrobes.

Heritage Spacepro Sliding Wardrobes


Heritage spacepro sliding wardrobes

Heritage sliding wardrobes are a popular look that brings warmth to your home. Ideal when all you’re looking for is simplicity. This traditional design provides exactly that and more. The simplicity of the spacepro heritage design means they are a cheap solution to your storage needs.

Make the most of any space by choosing from either our fixed size or custom size doors. With custom size doors the sliding wardrobes are made to measure to suit your opening size.

If you prefer something more designer than our simplistic heritage design we have a huge range of other sliding wardrobe door styles. Our spacepro range gives you more choice than a sweet shop and all doors can be purchased in both fixed and custom sizes.

To find out more visit us in our store in Port Talbot, South Wales or browse our online sliding wardrobes site.

The spacepro sliding wardrobe range were previously known as Stanley Sliding Wardrobes.

White Glass Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Titan white glass sliding wardrobe

Our clean and calming white glass sliding wardrobes have been designed with modern living in mind. Uncomplicated lines thrive in any living space and will truly inspire you.

White glass is available in doors throughout our range and can be combined with other finishes to create the look you desire.

All designs in our spacepro sliding wardrobe range are available in both fixed size or custom sizes to suit your particular requirements.

Classic 4 panel white sliding wardrobes

Once you’ve decided you want the sleek look of white glass sliding wardrobes the hardest choice will be choosing from our huge range of design styles. Our 2016 spacepro sliding wardrobe range is our largest ever!

Sliding Wardrobe Doors this Autumn

White glass sliding wardrobe doors

If you are looking for new sliding wardrobes doors this Autumn for a bedroom makeover we have sliding wardrobes available to suit most budgets.

As the nights begin to draw in and you sort through your summer and winter clothes why not look to create more space and more practical storage with our sliding wardrobe doors or bespoke interior storage solutions from our aura and relax storage ranges.

Sliding wardrobes to reflect the way you feel.

Our traditional standard white sliding wardrobes offer a cheap storage solution whilst our made to measure wardrobes are available in a range of designs to suit different budgets. The beauty of our made to measure range of sliding wardrobes is they are truly bespoke, designed by you and made for you. A bespoke sliding wardrobe can truly reflect the way you feel and help create a stylish interior in any room setting.

If you wish to create an airy feel or simply need the convenience of mirrors in your bedroom then look no further than our sliding mirror wardrobes. We have a large range of fixed size and custom size sliding wardrobes available with mirror glass to suit your needs.

Sliding wardrobes delivered to your home throughout UK mainland.

And you can be rest assured that all our sliding wardrobe doors are available with delivery throughout mainland UK. To see some on the range on display visit our store in Port Talbot, South Wales.

Cheap Traditional White ‘Stanley’ Sliding Wardrobes

Traditional White Sliding Wardrobes

Cheap white sliding wardrobes which are easily installed by any competent home DIY-er

We stock sliding wardrobes to suit any budget. Our traditional white sliding wardrobe doors offer a cheap solution to your storage needs and are available in either white decor panels or with mirror glass.

The doors and tracks can be easily installed by any competent home DIY-er.

This range is often referred to by its previous product name ‘Stanley Sliding Wardrobe Doors’ and continues to be manufactured in Sheffield, England.

Our white traditional sliding wardrobe doors are available in 762mm (30″) and 914mm (36″) door sizes and suit the following opening sizes: 2260mm (89″) high and widths of: 1498mm (59″), 1803mm (71″), 2235mm (88″), 2692mm (106″), 2997mm (118″) and 3607mm (142″).

Stylish, yet affordable for those working to a tight budget.

The beauty of this range is the prices are suited to people wishing to have a stylish traditional wardrobe  but are working to a tight budget.

If you’re constrained by the dimensions of your opening our custom size made to measure sliding wardrobe doors can be manufactured to suit your opening..

Childrens / Kids Chalkboard and Magnetic Whiteboard Sliding Wardrobes

Looking for a playful solution to your storage needs in a child’s bedroom or playroom? Look no further than our chalk board and magnetic white board sliding wardrobe doors.

These standard sized sliding wardrobe doors suit a range of opening sizes, The doors are manufactured 610mm wide and suit openings of 2260mm high and widths of 1193mm, 1778mm, 2387mm, 2946mm and 3556mm.

Combine chalkboard doors with magnetic whiteboards and let your kids go mad whilst providing a practical solution to storage needs. The chalkboard sliding wardrobe doors are similar to the traditional chalk / blackboard found in school classrooms whilst the magnetic whiteboard sliding wardrobe door is similar to the dry wipe whiteboards which replaced blackboard’s in many schools. Of course today many classroom’s are fitted with interactive whiteboards so these sliding wardrobe doors will add to the excitement as children no longer get the opportunity to write on boards like these in their classrooms.

Magnetic Whiteboard and Chalkboard Sliding Wardrobes

The chalk board version offer a cheap yet fun solution to bedroom storage in a child’s room. Whilst the magnetic white board doors can be used to display all their masterpieces on, as well as being the perfect surface to draw on with dry wipe marker pens! These doors are great for letting your kids get creative!

Bring fun storage to your child’s bedroom and order online now!

New Year, New Sliding Wardrobes

One month into 2014 and what a stormy start we’ve had! Our sliding wardrobes showroom and DIY store is located in Port Talbot on the South Wales coastline where we’ve witnessed the full force of the recent storms and some of the local damage caused to our coastline.

With more stormy weather forecast in the coming days we hope the ukstorms don’t cause too much further damage or destruction for people living in the UK.

The weather certainly makes you want to stay at home in the warm and dry! Infact now is probably the ideal time to take on those DIY jobs around your home so you can enjoy the weather later in the year when things improve!

If you’re thinking of updating your bedroom or giving it a makeover perhaps you’re considering new sliding wardrobes? Visit our site or give us a call to find out more!


Christmas is fast approaching! These days it has become a time not only to reflect upon the religious significance and the birth of baby Jesus but also an opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. Much of this will be spent in our homes so it’s important they are in top shape in time for Christmas. Whether this is just making sure they are clean or tidy or finishing off small DIY tasks or decorating it’s important not to leave it too late! As Christmas day gets closer you’ll be more concerned with eating and drinking and enjoying the Christmas festivities!

Even though Christmas is fast approaching it’s not too late to have your home in top shape before the friends and family come around! Your last minute jobs may involve basic DIY or slightly larger projects like installing new sliding wardrobe doors. You’ll find most products from paints, locks, tools and timber in our Port Talbot DIY store to get your home in top shape for the holiday season.

We hope you have a great Christmas from all at Sliding Wardrobes UK and Page’s DIY :)