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Shaker Spacepro Sliding Wardrobes


Shaker 3 Panel Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Shaker spacepro sliding wardrobes are a timeless look for any room. Shaker offers the flexibility to create a contemporary or more traditional look.

The shaker range has several options of wood effect available or are available in a white frame finish. The wood effect frames can be complemented with a matching wood effect panel. Alternatively you can make a bolder statement by combining contrasting wood effects and glass panels together.

Shaker is available in either a single or 3 panel option and with an extensive range of on-trend colours and finishes to choose from, the shaker range is simply stunning and does justice to a modern day classic.

Our shaker range is available in fixed size doors which suit openings 2260mm high. Fixed size door widths available are 610mm, 762mm and 914mm. If the constraints of fixed size doors don’t suit your project we also offer a range of made to measure  custom size doors which are made bespoke to fit your space.

Combine shaker wardrobes with one of our interior storage solutions to store your clothes effortlessly. With a choice of shelves, hanger bars, drawers, shoe racks and more we have a solution to help fit all your clothes inside your sliding wardrobe!

To find out more please visit our store in Port Talbot, South Wales or browse our online sliding wardrobe site.

The spacepro sliding wardrobe range were previously known as both Ispace and Stanley Sliding Wardrobes.

Heritage Spacepro Sliding Wardrobes


Heritage spacepro sliding wardrobes

Heritage sliding wardrobes are a popular look that brings warmth to your home. Ideal when all you’re looking for is simplicity. This traditional design provides exactly that and more. The simplicity of the spacepro heritage design means they are a cheap solution to your storage needs.

Make the most of any space by choosing from either our fixed size or custom size doors. With custom size doors the sliding wardrobes are made to measure to suit your opening size.

If you prefer something more designer than our simplistic heritage design we have a huge range of other sliding wardrobe door styles. Our spacepro range gives you more choice than a sweet shop and all doors can be purchased in both fixed and custom sizes.

To find out more visit us in our store in Port Talbot, South Wales or browse our online sliding wardrobes site.

The spacepro sliding wardrobe range were previously known as Stanley Sliding Wardrobes.

Sliding Wardrobes with Black Glass

Our sliding wardrobes featuring black glass have a modern look which feels in a league of its own.

Black glass shaker wideline sliding wardrobes

Sliding wardrobes with black glass is available throughout our spacepro sliding wardrobe door range.

Contour extra wideline sliding wardrobes with black glass

Our sliding wardrobes are available in both fixed sizes and custom sizes which allow you to create you own made to measure wardrobe. All sliding wardrobes are manufactured to order and are completely bespoke allowing you to select from a range of design styles. You can choose a wardrobe featuring full size black glass panels or mix and match with wood effect panel to create your desired effect.

All black glass sliding wardrobe doors are available for delivery throughout the UK or from our store in Port Talbot, South Wales.

White Glass Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Titan white glass sliding wardrobe

Our clean and calming white glass sliding wardrobes have been designed with modern living in mind. Uncomplicated lines thrive in any living space and will truly inspire you.

White glass is available in doors throughout our range and can be combined with other finishes to create the look you desire.

All designs in our spacepro sliding wardrobe range are available in both fixed size or custom sizes to suit your particular requirements.

Classic 4 panel white sliding wardrobes

Once you’ve decided you want the sleek look of white glass sliding wardrobes the hardest choice will be choosing from our huge range of design styles. Our 2016 spacepro sliding wardrobe range is our largest ever!

Sliding Wardrobe Doors this Autumn

White glass sliding wardrobe doors

If you are looking for new sliding wardrobes doors this Autumn for a bedroom makeover we have sliding wardrobes available to suit most budgets.

As the nights begin to draw in and you sort through your summer and winter clothes why not look to create more space and more practical storage with our sliding wardrobe doors or bespoke interior storage solutions from our aura and relax storage ranges.

Sliding wardrobes to reflect the way you feel.

Our traditional standard white sliding wardrobes offer a cheap storage solution whilst our made to measure wardrobes are available in a range of designs to suit different budgets. The beauty of our made to measure range of sliding wardrobes is they are truly bespoke, designed by you and made for you. A bespoke sliding wardrobe can truly reflect the way you feel and help create a stylish interior in any room setting.

If you wish to create an airy feel or simply need the convenience of mirrors in your bedroom then look no further than our sliding mirror wardrobes. We have a large range of fixed size and custom size sliding wardrobes available with mirror glass to suit your needs.

Sliding wardrobes delivered to your home throughout UK mainland.

And you can be rest assured that all our sliding wardrobe doors are available with delivery throughout mainland UK. To see some on the range on display visit our store in Port Talbot, South Wales.

Mirror Glass Sliding Wardrobes

Our sliding wardrobes are available in a huge range of designs with mirrored glass panels.

With a style to suit every budget there is a huge range of mirror glass sliding wardrobes to choose from. The range starts with our cheap white framed mirror standard sized sliding wardrobes through to more bespoke designs allowing you to combine mirror glass with a choice of coloured glass or wood effect panel options. Every style in our huge spacepro range is available with mirror glass panel options which includes fixed size sliding wardrobe doors and custom size made to measure sliding wardrobe doors.

Our mirror glass sliding wardrobes are all available from our Port Talbot store: Page’s DIY Ltd. or for delivery throughout mainland UK. To find out more visit our Sliding Wardrobes website.

Summer Arrives!!

Since we last posted Summer has well and truly arrived. Everyone is happier when the sun is shining! You can finally dig out your summer clothes and enjoy the prolonged spell of sunny days and warm summer nights.

With your summer clothing now in full use where else better to store your clothes than in one of our modern stylish sliding wardrobes. It’s the perfect time to give your bedroom a makeover with a new stylish sliding wardrobe. Available as mirror sliding wardrobes or with a range of panel or coloured glass options we’re sure to have a designer sliding wardrobe to suit your requirements. Choose from our huge range of fixed size and custom size sliding wardrobes.

Our modular storage systems can be used as sliding wardrobe interiors or as furniture in their own right. Choose from the Aura or Relax systems.

Sliding wardrobes…to reflect the way you feel.


British Summer has arrived and hasn’t got off to a good start. In fact all we’ve had so far is around a week of sunshine. The weather has been predominantly cloudy, grey, windy and overcast. It begs the question whether we actually get summers anymore?

The poor summer weather does mean that it is the perfect time to get your inside jobs done ready for when the sun is shining and you want to fire up your barbecue. So before the sun comes out and leaves you rummaging for your summer clothes do a bedroom makeover and install new bedroom storage. That way you can organise your summer clothes neatly ready for when the sun is shining!

Sliding Wardrobes UK

With a huge range of fixed size sliding wardrobes and custom size made to measure sliding wardrobes available for UK mainland delivery we are sure to have something to suit your living space. Our range includes more traditional styles and contemporary designer style sliding wardrobes. Available in a range of finishes including coloured glass panels, mirror panel or wood effect panels. Our mirror sliding wardrobes are available in sliding wardrobe doors throughout our range of different designs. The beauty of our custom size made to measure sliding wardrobes is that they’re manufactured to suit your inparticular opening size.

So whatever style wardrobe you’re looking for we’re sure to have a sliding wardrobe to suit and it’ll add instant style to any bedroom or living space.

Give your bedroom a Summer makeover

Give your bedroom a Summer makeover with our sliding wardrobe doors


Classic Wideline Sliding Wardrobes

Summer. It’s just around the corner. It makes us feel brighter and more energised. Now is the time when we want to declutter, and with the saying “out with the old and in with the new” in our minds, now is the time when most of us start organising our wardrobes ready for the summer months ahead where we can start wearing our light and airy summer clothes instead of the heavy and warm winter ones.

So if we’re emptying the loft of our summer clothes and packing our winter clothes away, why not spend the time assessing if your bedroom furniture is really providing you with the storage solution that you need?

An organised wardrobe equals an organised start to the day

We all have those mornings where we’re running a little late, whether it be for the daily commute to work or for the school run and we struggle to find the things that we want the most. It can be most frustrating when you wanted to wear that favourite shirt or dress – the one that puts you in a better mood for the day ahead – but you just can’t find it (even though you know that it’s in the wardrobe somewhere). Hunting for it makes you later and so you set out of the house running even more late, a little stressed and probably set up for a day ahead of trying to play catch up.

Imagine if, when on those mornings of running late, you could open your wardrobe door and lay your hands easily on that favourite shirt or dress. You could leave the house perhaps still running a little late, but a little less late because you didn’t have to hunt around in your wardrobe for your preferred item of clothing. This would make you feel a little less stressed and probably in a slightly better frame of mind. Think of how different your day would be.

A wardrobe solution to match your decor

Our sliding wardrobe doors can be chosen from a range of colours and finishes. You can choose from our Wood Effect wardrobe doors – from a light Maple to a dark Walnut. Or there are our Glass panel options – a bold red to make a statement or a mirrored finish to create extra light.


Chalkboard / Whiteboard Sliding Wardrobes

Perhaps you want a Chalkboard or Magnetic Whiteboard finish in your child’s room to allow them to be creative. Or there is the classic white finish to add an elegant and timeless feel.

Whichever finish you choose,. You will also ensure that your bedroom gets that makeover it deserves, just in time for you to get those Summer clothes down from the attic.

Take a look at our Inspiration section to give you some ideas and get in touch to discuss your needs.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors can help with your Spring Cleaning

Sliding Wardrobes UK can help with your Spring Cleaning

We’re at the start of May and Spring is now well and truly in full bloom. The trees are blossoming, the flowers are blooming, the evenings are lighter and the temperatures are slowly starting to rise.

Spring usually means a time of rejuvenating, re-invigorating and what better way to do that within our homes than by giving everything a good spring clean.

Made to measure storage solutions

By thoroughly cleaning a house from top to bottom, we can remove all the items that are now no longer needed and we can start to analyse whether our storage solutions are working for us. More often than not, as our families grow and our home-life adapts, we need new storage solutions to match our changing needs. And this is where we can help.

At Sliding Wardrobes UK, we can offer bespoke solutions that match your home and your needs. You can choose sliding doors from our fixed size Standard Range that fit a specific height to match your home’s needs or you can choose from our custom size Made to Measure Range where the sliding doors chosen are completely bespoke to you and your home.

Not just a wardrobe solution


Relax Storage Solution

But don’t just think of us when it comes to sliding doors for your bedroom wardrobes. We can provide custom size made to measure sliding doors for almost any part of your home where you need a storage solution. Why not add shelves to an alcove or a fireside nook in the lounge and add sliding doors to house your books and DVD collection out of sight? Or why not hide a home office from view by having a built-in desk and a made to measure door?

With our sliding wardrobes you are only limited by your imagination.

Get in touch with us and get this year’s Spring Cleaning underway.