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Measuring and Installing Spacepro Sliding Wardrobes

We have a number of helpful video guides to help you plan and install your spacepro sliding wardrobes project.

1) You need to decide whether you’d prefer to make your opening to suit our fixed size sliding wardrobes, in which case your opening needs to be 2260mm high. Alternatively our sliding wardrobes can be custom sized and made to fit your opening.

2) We need your measurements:

3) Fitting your spacepro sliding wardrobes:

4) Fitting end panels:

5) Installing soft close system (only available on custom sized spacepro system):

Want Sliding Wardrobes But Don’t Know Where To Start? Get In Touch!

Classic Wideline Sliding Wardrobes

Having been in the industry for many years, we’ve spoken to a huge number of customers.

Some of them had set ideas of what they wanted before we even began speaking to them, whilst plenty more knew next to nothing about sliding mirror wardrobes, except for the fact friends or family had them and recommend them!

Whilst it’s great to have customers who know exactly what it is they want, as we can clearly understand their needs and expectations from the off, working with those customers who don’t truly understand the possibilities is fantastic, as in a matter of minutes we can essentially help them to visualise how their room – or rooms – could be completely changed.

And this is something that we genuinely enjoy doing and which we’re proud to say we’re particularly good at.

Starting back in the industry over two decades ago, we’ve developed a wealth of knowledge about all things related to sliding wardrobes.  Couple this with the hands-on experience we’ve got of providing tailor-made wardrobes to fit in with a vast array of different requirements and we feel completely and utterly confident that if you know nothing about sliding wardrobes, we’ll be able to educate you on their possibilites quickly and easily.

What’s more, we really do mean it when we saying “if you know nothing about sliding wardrobes”.  We have plenty of customers who knew only the very basics and we took the time to tell them as much as they needed to know.

Generally speaking, we start by explaining the two different options that are available – fixed size standard-fit wardrobes and custom size made to measure wardrobes - ensuring that we move forward down the right path – both have their benefits, but it’s important we understand what the customer wants or is going to need before looking at other details.

Once we’ve established which of these two options is going to be the most suitable for you, well, this is where the fun begins!

We can talk endlessly about styles and colours, showing you just how flexible we can be in almost every sense.  Often surprising customers as to just how varied the wardrobes can be, we do our utmost to offer as great of a selection in all factors possible, as this way we can be confident that whatever your expectations or requirements are, we’ll be able to meet them perfectly.

It really doesn’t matter how little you know about sliding wardrobes.  The simple fact is, if you think they could be of benefit to you, get in touch – we’re confident that with our experience in both fixed size standard fit and custom size made to measure sliding wardrobe doors, we’ll be able to ensure you get the most suitable wardrobes possible for your needs.

What To Look For When Deciding On Sliding Mirror Wardrobes

Shaker Sliding Wardrobes

It doesn’t matter what we’re buying, we all have different requirements and expectations.

Whether it’s a vegetable from the supermarket or in our case, sliding mirror wardrobes, we know that consumers can have vastly different needs – even if they might be using the product for the exact same purpose and 99% of the requirements are the same, that 1% can make all the difference.

It’s because of this why we aim to offer as wide of an array of products as we can.  We understand customer requirements differ and we want to do our utmost to please as many of our customers as is feasibly possible.

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What Should You Expect From Sliding Wardrobes UK?

Heritage Sliding Wardrobe Doors

It’s always good to know what you’re going to receive from a company.  It’s obviously important before you start working with them, but even if you’ve been using them for years, it’s great to feel confident knowing that what you’re still going to receive is what you need.

At Sliding Wardrobes UK, our name goes a long way to telling potential customers what they should expect in terms of product selection.  In terms of everything else, however, it may not be as clear.

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Welcome To The Sliding Wardrobes UK Blog!

Standard contemporary fineline sliding wardrobe doorsOur focus at Sliding Wardrobes UK is to deliver the highest quality sliding wardrobes that we possibly can.

Doing out utmost to provide the items you need and want, with a service you expect and all within a budget that you can afford, we’ve been delivering sliding wardrobes for over 20 years now.

Continually striving to meet our customers’ needs, we have a aim to ensure customer satisfaction remains as high as it can.

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