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Childrens / Kids Chalkboard and Magnetic Whiteboard Sliding Wardrobes

Looking for a playful solution to your storage needs in a child’s bedroom or playroom? Look no further than our chalk board and magnetic white board sliding wardrobe doors.

These standard sized sliding wardrobe doors suit a range of opening sizes, The doors are manufactured 610mm wide and suit openings of 2260mm high and widths of 1193mm, 1778mm, 2387mm, 2946mm and 3556mm.

Combine chalkboard doors with magnetic whiteboards and let your kids go mad whilst providing a practical solution to storage needs. The chalkboard sliding wardrobe doors are similar to the traditional chalk / blackboard found in school classrooms whilst the magnetic whiteboard sliding wardrobe door is similar to the dry wipe whiteboards which replaced blackboard’s in many schools. Of course today many classroom’s are fitted with interactive whiteboards so these sliding wardrobe doors will add to the excitement as children no longer get the opportunity to write on boards like these in their classrooms.

Magnetic Whiteboard and Chalkboard Sliding Wardrobes

The chalk board version offer a cheap yet fun solution to bedroom storage in a child’s room. Whilst the magnetic white board doors can be used to display all their masterpieces on, as well as being the perfect surface to draw on with dry wipe marker pens!┬áThese doors are great for letting your kids get creative!

Bring fun storage to your child’s bedroom and order online now!