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More than just a Wardrobe

Have you ever wanted a wardrobe you can disappear into and indulge in your own private makeover. Well when you combine made to measure sliding wardrobe doors with the Relax modular furniture system available from Sliding Wardrobes UK, then this could be more of a reality than a dream.

Relax Storage Solution

This highly versatile system will allow you to transform any under utilised area of space into a purposeful arrangement of shelves, shoe racks, hanger rails, draws, trouser wracks, baskets … the list goes on and on. This system is totally bespoke so any configuration is a possibility and any type of clothing can be accommodated.

The supporting stanchions are available in both floor to ceiling or floor to wall options, up to a height of 2700mm. This means that you really can squeeze every inch of spare space out of your room, so that it is drawn into your new ultra organized arrangement.

Or what about a room within a room ? By allocating a little more of your bedroom to the wardrobe space you could create a walk in wardrobe, which offers more than just hanging and storage space but also allows you to accommodate a full length mirror or vanity unit to allow you to dress with everything at your disposal. Finished then with a stylish set of custom size made to measure sliding wardrobe doors, this really will become a secret chamber.

Alternatively, you could leave part or all of the modular arrangement revealed. This system is so modern and stylish and all accessories are finished to such a high quality, it gives a loft style apartment look, for those who wish to make their bedroom completely open plan.

Draws, shelves and matrix units are available in either linen or walnut wood finishes, which is complimented by the anodized aluminum finish of all other components to give a real cool overall look.


Modern minimalism made easy with custom size made to measure sliding wardrobe doors

Modern interiors now incorporate minimalist design elements such as smooth sleek lines and glossy finishes, with no trace of a handle or hinge insight. This sophisticated style has now been growing in popularity since the 90’s and is something that we have all adapted to, whether we live in a new build or a more character styled houses of an earlier decade.

So how have we managed to embrace this design concept with such ease ?

Sliding wardrobe doors first received interest back in the 1970’s however it has taken until now for them to evolve into a sophisticated accessory for any home that wants to create additional space whether for storage or living.

The most obvious solution that our custom size  made to measure wardrobe doors provide is that of additional storage space and these doors will undoubtedly assist with this problem.

They allow floor to ceiling areas of space to be totally dedicated to storage rather than losing valuable space that borders conventional wardrobes due to their non-exact fit, to the space that’s been allocated to them. Such spaces soon become untidy due to the overspill from the wardrobe – storage boxes appear on top and the side space between wall and wardrobe becomes a handy cavity to park the odd pair of shoes. With sliding wardrobe doors however, everything is hidden and out of sight !

Contour Sliding Wardrobes

In fact the panels for the sliding doors are now available in such a vast array of colours and finishes the wardrobe itself doesn’t even look like a wardrobe. Instead they offer a stylish backdrop and become a significant design feature rather furniture fixture.

This revolution in design means that the sliding wardrobe doors do not have to be limited to use only within the bedroom but can also be used throughout the rest of the home – their versatility is now without question.

The most popular trend for living space in recent years has been open plan. However whilst this offers convenience and space for social gatherings within a home it does also mean that there is nowhere to hide – or more importantly nowhere to hide anything! This is when sliding wardrobe doors can serve another purpose, as they can be used to section space off for alternative use, whether this be storage or even home office, play area or laundry space. The fact that the doors can be made custom size made to measure means that they can be made to accommodate any area, big or small, enabling you to create that little inner sanctuary away from prying eyes.

Saving Space with Style with Custom Size Made to Measure Sliding Wardrobe Doors

In today’s society when the cost of living space is a premium we are all trying to maximizing the potential of our limited storage space. We are all guilty of hoarding items, which we no longer really need either for sentimental reasons or with the view to recycle at a later date, or to even because we simply buy too much in the first place. Whatever the reason for our abundance of personal possessions, trying to arrange them in an organized, inconspicuous way within our conventional wardrobe space is sometimes an impossible challenge.  A space saving solution for this kind of dilemma is to fit custom size made to measure sliding wardrobe doors.

At Sliding Wardrobes UK we offer a diverse range of made to measure sliding wardrobe doors which will enable you to make the most of every inch of space whilst creating a stylish backdrop within the confines of your room.

The sliding wardrobe doors can be built directly onto any wall, camouflaging alcoves and any awkward areas to give a flat, flush, finish, concealing a large capacity of storage space behind. This can be configured to include a combination of hanging and shelving systems, which fully utilize the space whilst providing a practical storage solution to meet your needs.

Classic Sliding Wardrobes

The fact that the doors themselves are sliding also means that you do not have to be concerned about opening doors and the restrictions that this would have on placing other items of furniture nearby, further maximizing your floor space.

Our range includes a variety of finishes to suit every taste and budget, and can be selected from either our standard or made to measure sliding wardrobe doors. Our panel finishes also provide a wide variety of options, so that you can choose something with either a classical design or more contemporary finish to best suit your taste and style.

Whilst conventionally designed for bedrooms, the fact that the sliding doors are now available in so many finishes and the storage solutions now far more versatile, means that these doors are now being more extensively used as features in other ‘living’ rooms within the home. So if you are feeling confined by the limits of your accommodation, sliding doors will allow you access to that hidden space you currently cannot see.